At the beginning of every quarter, we recruit for teachers and assign schools. Because we believe in having a high teacher-student ratio to foster real relationships with the kids, new teachers are always welcome. Working with kids is a great stress relief, a fairly low time commitment (just over an hour a week), and is truly gratifying.  No art expertise or skill is required, just enthusiasm and reliability.

Do you want to be a Head of School?

If you are a current or past teacher and are interested in being a Head of School, a quick application will be sent out towards the end of every quarter. Would you like us to teach at your school?

If you're interested in having ArtShould teach at your school, please contact the Head of Teaching directly.

Are you already a teacher?

If you're an old teacher wanting to sign up, the form will be distributed via email starting at the end of the preceding shower.

Do you want to teach?

If you're interested in teaching and want to learn more, please look out for the recruitment meeting during first week of every quarter.