Our Board

Director of Administration
This individual orchestrates the overall planning of events between different departments of ArtShould. She or he serves as the liaison between the organization and the University, and maintains advisor relations with the University Community Service Center. She or he facilitates communication between members and the Board of Directors and oversees the logistical planning of the organization as a whole.


Director of Development
This individual's primary role is to direct the future development and expansion of ArtShould. This involves developing and maintaining relationships with donors, alumni, and independent organizations in the greater Chicagoland area such as artists, museums, artists, and other non-profit corporations. Furthermore, she or he is expected to oversee applications for grants and scholarships. Lastly, she or he maintains surveillance over the bank account and quarterly budget, revenue and expenses reports.


Head of Teaching
This individual acts as the liaison between the organization and the places at which we run our outreach art program. She or he oversees teacher recruitment and Head of School selection, and is also maintains communication between Heads of School, teachers, schools, and the Board of Directors. The Head of Teaching is also responsible for developing and expanding ArtShould's teaching program as it aligns with our mission.


Head of Curriculum
This individual is responsible for the creation and development of lesson plans used in our outreach art program. She or he is also in charge of overseeing the regular supply of teaching materials.


Heads of Schools
These individuals oversee day-to-day operations of ArtShould's teaching program at a particular school. Heads of Schools are chosen on a quarterly basis, and serve as a point of contact between the teachers and the Board of Directors via the Head of Teaching. They are expected to hold regular meetings for their group of teachers. At these meetings, the weekly lesson plan will be presented and specific issues for a given school will be addressed.


Head of Workshops
This individual leads the Workshop Committee, and thus oversees the development of workshops and community art projects. S/he is also in charge of overseeing the regular supply of workshop materials.


This individual sets the agenda for meetings of the Board of Directors. She or he takes minutes and maintains attendance at these meetings; the Secretary is then responsible for distributing these minutes. In this way, the secretary plays a vital role in maintaining proper communication within the Board itself, as well as between general members and the Board of Directors.

This individual maintains surveillance over the organization's bank account. She also maintains the budget for different departments of the organization (Administration, Development, Teaching, Workshops, etc.) and takes into account relevant information such as the organization's income from grants and scholarships. She or he is expected to finalize an expense report at the end of each quarter and presents it at a Board Meeting.